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Five Reasons to go on a Disney Cruise

My next Disney Cruise is still many months away, but the planning starts very soon! I'll be posting about my experiences while planning and preparing for our upcoming cruise. In the meantime, here are five reasons why you should go on a Disney Cruise. Check out more on Travel Plus Family: Disneyland, the most magical hotel in California! Is Your Child Ready for Disney? Advertising Disclosure: The following review is my own opinion entirely. I was not sponsored, paid, or given any incentive to make this review. This post contains affiliate links, which if you click on them, give me a
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Is Your Child Ready for Disney?

Because I am a huge Disney geek, I participate in tons of Disney groups on social media. Often people will ask, "what is the right age to take my child to Disney?" Many people are expecting the "perfect Disney age" as an answer, but the answer is not a specific age. We took our child to Disneyland when she was 3 1/2 and, for her, it was perfect age to go for the first time; your child's perfect age may be younger or older. Below are some questions to ask yourself when trying to determine if your child is ready for Disney: (1)
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Teaching Toddlers: DIY Worksheets

A post from the archives! When SP was little, I tried to encourage fun, yet educational activities. It is so important for parents to begin teaching at home.  It helps build a child's self-esteem and gives them the confidence they need to conquer new challenges. SP started kindergarten last August and I was able to see my efforts pay off! She was one of the first readers in her class and by the end of the school year, she was knocking out her math facts. Here is my first DIY supplemental education project from YEARS ago: DIY Learning Worksheets for Toddlers My
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Movie Manor in Monte Vista, Colorado

Below is our review of the experience we had staying at the Movie Manor in Monte Vista, Colorado. My opinions are my own and I was not compensated to provide this review. Motel Overview Sometimes, you want a hotel with all the bells and whistles.  Sometimes you want pristine luxury and amenities galore. However, sometimes along your path to luxury, you may stumble upon a quirky gem that gives you what you want, even though you may not have known you wanted it!  This is where the Movie Manor in Monte Vista, Colorado comes in. The Movie Manor is part of the Best Western Hotel brand. It is an
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Put Your Phone Down, It’s Vacation Time!

Our phone addiction is no joke these days. Maybe you are addicted… or your partner… or your child. Whatever the case might be, a vacation is the perfect time to take a break from your phone. Even if you cannot achieve a full 24-hour break from your phone every single day of the trip, at least aim for a few hours per day. Here are some solutions to the most common excuses for keeping a phone on while on vacation: Excuse #1: I need my phone to take pictures! Okay, fair enough. Our phones are by far the easiest way
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Creede, Colorado – A Hidden Gem in Colorado

In a state filled with beautiful scenery and various opportunities to explore the outdoors, Creede, Colorado is truly a hidden gem. I've lived in Colorado for nearly 20 years now and I have only come across two "natives" who have even heard of Creede, much less visited it. Funny enough, growing up in Louisiana, I knew more about Creede than I did Denver. My father's family, beginning four generations ago, spent many summer vacations in Creede, where my grandfather and dad eventually became land and cabin owners. After my dad's retirement, my dad and stepmom became "full-timers" in Creede and
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Best Fitbit Charge 2 Band EVER

Post contains affiliate links. I love my Fitbit Charge 2 - but I hate the original band. It is SO hard to put on!! Anyone else have this same issue?!? A quick look through Amazon turned up lots of options, but many were still really hard to put on.  After more searching, I finally found a stylish magnetic band! It is not only super easy to put on, but it is more comfortable than the original band. I'm in love with it!! Just look how easy it is to put on! I love how easy this band is to put
Denver West/Central City KOA
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Denver West/Central City KOA – Review

Hi, I'm Sharla! My daughter, Tara, is the main blogger on Travel Plus Family; however, every now and then I plan to offer travel experiences from my perspective. Below is our review of the experience we had staying at the Denver West/Central City KOA. My opinions are my own and I was not compensated to provide this review. Campground Overview The Denver West/Central City KOA @ Central City, Colorado is a great place to escape and relax. Just under an hour away from Denver, Colorado, this campground is situated high above the historic mountain town of Central City, where it provides
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2017 Summer Bucket List Challenge

This summer's bucket list is curtesy of The Know @ The Denver Post. They have provided 100 Things to do in Colorado this Summer and I cannot wait to get started. Want to join in?! Follow this link to get the full listing (be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to get your printable PDF). If you participate, please be sure to use your social media tags and don't forget to tag me, Travel Plus Family! I want to see your summer adventures! Strike a pose in front of a waterfall Treat yourself at the Brown Palace

Easy Lemon Cookies

I LOVE these lemon cookies!  I mean, really love.  They are deeeeeeelicious, super duper easy and always receive the greatest compliments. Seriously, bringing these cookies to a potluck will boost your baking self-confidence. “I’m okay with nobody eating what I brought to the potluck”, said no one, ever. These are EASY because they only require 4 ingredients, 3 of which you probably already have on hand, the other, a box of lemon cake mix.  And just a tip, you’ll love these cookies so freaking much, that you will always have a box of lemon cake mix in your pantry…. just
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