Life is made up of lots of tiny moments. These moments become your legacy once you leave this earth. After you are gone, loved ones will re-tell your life story based on these tiny moments. Will most of your moments be happy?

I believe happiness is a choice. Sometimes happiness comes with tough decisions and hard work. Getting to a happier state sometimes comes with confessional truths that may be hard for some to swallow. It also means having open communication with your loved ones. But ultimately becoming happier is a choice.

“If you don’t like where you are, then change. You are not a tree!”

My blog, Travel Plus Family, was founded with the notion of creating happiness for families. Maybe that’s through travel, but it can also be a fun family game night, cooking together, being organized so life is less stressful.  It can also mean digging a little deeper into education so your child is better prepared for class.

There is no clear definition or method to having a happier life. I also acknowledge that I don’t understand chronic depression. But, what I do know is that if we address our unhappiness instead of hiding it, then we can work to fix it.

Now, go get your happy on!

Meet Tara

I’m the owner of Travel Plus Family. I am a Disney-loving, mountain-seeking, beach-going, coffee chugging, wine obsessed foodie who loves to travel with my family! I cannot wait to share all of our adventures with you!