Travel >> We love to travel and experience different places! Our favorite destinations are Disney vacations (especially Disneyland and Disney Cruises), National Parks, and any place with tropical waters and sandy beaches. When we aren’t traveling far, we love exploring our home state of Colorado. For us, family vacations make for wonderful memories! We are working hard to make our travel dreams come true. Read about our recent trips in our Travel section.



Family >> Our family was established in 2001 and grew to a happy trio in 2010 following the birth of our beautiful baby girl. When we aren’t traveling, we are focused on finding the happy moments in everyday life. We make messes in the kitchen, eat new foods, take lots of hikes, get chewed on by our golden retriever, and do lots of nerdy projects. We live by the quote, “Together is my favorite place.” 





About Tara >> Mama. Wifey. Corporate drone. Dreamer. Dog mama. Nerd. Loved. Sarcastic. Insanely busy, but balanced. Loyal. Supporter of others. Daughter. Coffee lover. Family chef. Wine snob. Parent Volunteer. Behind the scene superstar. Maid. Queen. Friend. Disney fanatic. Sun goddess. Wannabe world traveler. Witty. Little sister. Lifetime learner. Family organizer. INTJ. Aspiring camper. Girl boss. Accident prone. Empathetic to a fault. Annoyingly observant. Blog owner.