Courtyard by Marriott – Anaheim Theme Park

For our recent trip to Disneyland, we decided to stay at a good neighbor hotel. We chose the Courtyard Anaheim Theme Park based on amenities and location to the parks. Normally, we stay at one of the Disneyland on-property hotels but were excited to try something new.Of all the hotels along this strip, I don’t think we could have picked a better hotel for us. The Courtyard is a newer hotel compared to the other hotels along Harbor Blvd. It is also one of the only true hotels (doors within interior halls vs. exterior halls).This hotel was clearly designed for
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You (Yes, YOU) Can Build a Website

Everyone knows that a business – no matter how small – needs an online presence. It is easy for small business owners feel intimidated by the idea of developing a website. Generally, two things will happen – (1) They will contact a company to develop their online needs. Sometimes, this development is costly and leaves the business owner with a website that they cannot self-manage. (2) They will put off building a website due to the cost and intimidation factors.To be completely honest with you, I was once very intimidated with the idea of creating my own website. While I

Our Favorite Southern California Itinerary

Our first trip to California as a family was back in 2014. Our daughter was 3 years old at the time and we wanted to mix relaxation with a visit to Disneyland. In all the vacations we've taken over the years, this vacation was my favorite! Maybe because it was after the hardest year of my life or maybe all of the stars were aligned just perfectly.This Southern California itinerary is perfect for families who want to visit Disneyland, but also want to completely unwind with some luxury!Day 1 - Disneyland HotelWe arrived in California after driving from Colorado. Yup,
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Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta

Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful, beach front hotel nestled between two cliffs. This has been designed to provide a secluded beach with stunning views. This hotel is ideal for all types of travelers, including multi-generational vacations, which is how we experienced this resort during our recent vacation. After our stay, we all concluded that we wouldn't hesitate to return. Location The Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta is a 30-45-minute drive from the airport. While this location is not within walking distance to stores, shops, or restaurants, the property had everything we needed to keep us happy and entertained during
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Touring Sedona, Arizona with Pink Jeep

During our recent visit to Sedona, Arizona, we were amazed and overwhelmed by the beauty of the city and surrounding area. We wanted to see if all, but really only had a day to explore. After walking down the touristy downtown portion of Sedona, we saw a storefront for Pink Jeep and decided to just see if they had any last minute availability. Lucky for us, they did.... Now, normally, we are not a tour type of family. We typically hate being locked into exploring with a guide verses doing our own thing. However, this tour with Pink Jeep was
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Must Have RV Camping Items

Recently, we went on our very first family road-trip pulling our travel trailer. And… it was an adventure! While I discovered I loved being in our camper and enjoyed the campgrounds, I hated pulling it behind our vehicle and feeling strong gusts of wind nearly blow us over. Because of this trip, we have decided to camp locally going forward. Lucky for us, we live in Colorado and have tons of camping locations nearby! For starters, let me tell you about our travel trailer. It’s a 2018 Jay Flight (model 267VHSW). It weighs 5515 lbs and is 30 feet long.
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Travel Agent Myths Busted!

Back in 1997, I spent a few weeks shadowing a local travel agent. Surrounded by travel posters and brochures, I watched the agent book flights on a system that seemed antiquated even back then and listened as she discussed exotic vacation locations with her clients. I LOVED it and desperately wanted the travel industry to be my career path. But then, things changed. By time I completed college, the internet, for better or worse, had allowed everyone to become their own travel agent. My dreams were crushed, and I moved forward with a career in the corporate world. Nearly 20
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The Value of a Family Vacation

When I was a kid, my parents made family vacations a priority. Because of this, I have the luxury of recalling many joyful moments from these trips. While I remember each destination we traveled to, it is the time spent together that I remember and value the most. Without work and school to distract us, we were able to build relationships and, honestly, get to know each other better. Of course, I only realize this as an adult. As a kid, I was simply enjoying the moment of having the attention of my parents and brother. For the longest time,

La Jolla, California – Children’s Pool

La Jolla, California is a beautiful coastal town and should be on everyone's SoCal bucket list! The downtown area of La Jolla was ideal for touristy walking, eating, and shopping. The wildlife viewing was spectacular and the pacific vistas were magnificent! Sadly, we didn't have a lot of time to explore, but we did spend some time at the Children's Pool. What is the Children's Pool? I found the history of the Children's Pool quite interesting. Protected by a seawall, this beach was originally created as a safe place for children to swim in the ocean. However, seals and sea
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