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My First Experience with Southwest Airlines

Advertising Disclosure: The following review is my own opinion entirely. I was not sponsored, paid, or given any incentive to make this review. This post contains affiliate links, which if you click on them, give me a small commission at no cost to you.  Prior to this flight, I had never flown with Southwest Airlines. My hesitation has always been my lack of understanding the unassigned seats. People are at their worst when flying and the sheer thought of fighting for seats with my family sounded horrible. However, based on the price and flight times, Southwest looked really desirable for this
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Cow Creek South Campground

My name is Rene’ and I am a friend of Travel + Family blogger and, with a teenage son that is two years from graduation, I bring a different perspective to travel than those with smaller, or no children.  My husband, son and I enjoy atv-ing, trailer camping and kayaking and once a summer we try to find at least one campground in Colorado that we have never visited.  We have found some true gems (Rifle Gap Reservoir being one of our favorites) and we have found some campgrounds that we would not recommend (11 Mile is one we would

Five Reasons to go on a Disney Cruise

My next Disney Cruise is still many months away, but the planning starts very soon! I'll be posting about my experiences while planning and preparing for our upcoming cruise. In the meantime, here are five reasons why you should go on a Disney Cruise.   Advertising Disclosure: As with all content on Travel + Family, this review was based on my own opinion. This post may or may not contain affiliate links, which if you click on, will give me a small commission at no cost or risk to you.
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Movie Manor in Monte Vista, Colorado

Motel Overview Sometimes, you want a hotel with all the bells and whistles.  Sometimes you want pristine luxury and amenities galore. However, sometimes along your path to luxury, you may stumble upon a quirky gem that gives you what you want, even though you may not have known you wanted it!  This is where the Movie Manor in Monte Vista, Colorado comes in. The Movie Manor is part of the Best Western Hotel brand. It is an older hotel (first opened in 1965) and has gone through several renovations throughout the years. We found the staff to be super friendly and helpful and the rooms were clean and comfortable,
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Put Your Phone Down, It’s Vacation Time!

Our phone addiction is no joke these days. Maybe you are addicted… or your partner… or your child. Whatever the case might be, a vacation is the perfect time to take a break from your phone. Even if you cannot achieve a full 24-hour break from your phone every single day of the trip, at least aim for a few hours per day. Here are some solutions to the most common excuses for keeping a phone on while on vacation: Excuse #1: I need my phone to take pictures! Okay, fair enough. Our phones are by far the easiest way

Creede, Colorado – A Hidden Gem in Colorado

In a state filled with beautiful scenery and various opportunities to explore the outdoors, Creede, Colorado is truly a hidden gem. I've lived in Colorado for nearly 20 years now and I have only come across two "natives" who have even heard of Creede, much less visited it. Funny enough, growing up in Louisiana, I knew more about Creede than I did Denver. My father's family, beginning four generations ago, spent many summer vacations in Creede, where my grandfather and dad eventually became land and cabin owners. After my dad's retirement, my dad and stepmom became "full-timers" in Creede and
Denver West/Central City KOA
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Denver West/Central City KOA

Campground Overview The Denver West/Central City KOA @ Central City, Colorado is a great place to escape and relax. Just under an hour away from Denver, Colorado, this campground is situated high above the historic mountain town of Central City, where it provides amazing views of the mountains and the valley below. The sunsets are breathtaking and the enormity of stars at night is simply amazing. Breathtaking Views Each RV site is paved, well maintained, and level, with a full or partial hookup. They also have a large picnic table and fire pit. Some of the premium sites have picnic tables
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Our Amazing Stay at the Marriott Laguna Cliffs Resort

We stayed at the Marriott Laguna Cliffs Resort, located in Dana Point, California. This beautiful hotel was situated on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. While the hotel is just walking minutes from the beach, it is hard to bring yourself from leaving the hotel’s amenities and views! Not sure where Dana Point is in California? Well, thanks to MTV, you've probably heard of Laguna Beach, right? That's where Dana Point is too - both are located just south of Los Angeles. With its sleepy charm and sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean, it is hard not to love this
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The Broadmoor Hotel

The Broadmoor is a beautiful hotel located at the base of the mountains in Colorado Springs; although it is only an hour from our home, we felt a million miles away from our jobs and daily stresses within just seconds of our arrival. We highly recommend at least a two-night stay at the Broadmoor. There is so much to see and do, plus, you will want to just spend time relaxing in the cozy nooks tucked all around the hotel. By the end of the 2nd night, you will feel relaxed and re-energized for life! Arrival and Check-In Arrival at
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The Most Magical Hotel at Disneyland – Disneyland Hotel

When pricing a Disneyland vacation, it is easy to see the price difference between a Disney hotel and a good neighbor hotel. While many of the good neighbor hotels are fantastic, they simply cannot beat the magic of the Disneyland Hotel. From surprise character encounters to singing headboards, the Disneyland Hotel has my vote for the most magical hotel at Disneyland. Arrival and Check-In Often times, first impressions are the most crucial. At the Disneyland Hotel, the gatekeeper did an excellent job at providing us with a great first impression of the hotel. He was prepared for our visit, had our
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