Courtyard by Marriott – Anaheim Theme Park

For our recent trip to Disneyland, we decided to stay at a good neighbor hotel. We chose the Courtyard Anaheim Theme Park based on amenities and location to the parks. Normally, we stay at one of the Disneyland on-property hotels but were excited to try something new.

Of all the hotels along this strip, I don’t think we could have picked a better hotel for us. The Courtyard is a newer hotel compared to the other hotels along Harbor Blvd. It is also one of the only true hotels (doors within interior halls vs. exterior halls).

This hotel was clearly designed for the Disney client. I know that sounds like a given, but you guys know that many hotels just keep to their standards regardless of location. The Courtyard’s room layouts were ideal, and their amenities were perfect. I would 100% recommend this hotel to other families visiting Disneyland!

Hotel Amenities

This hotel has several amazing perks. They have your standard laundry room and fitness center – both areas I attempt to avoid while on vacation. They also have covered parking, which didn’t seem common with many of the other neighboring hotels. Here are the highlights of the Courtyard’s amenities:

Waterpark & Pool

The waterpark is included in the price of the hotel and one of the best amenities the hotel offers. This waterpark has a small pool, two hot tubs, a playground/splash area, and two slides. We got to the hotel a day before we entered the parks, so we had a lot of time to play at the waterpark. Our daughter loved it! If you are visiting the parks during the summer, you will want to take a midday break and cool off at the Courtyard’s waterpark.


For busy families going to the parks first thing in the morning, having onsite food was a huge perk! However, my favorite – the bistro had Starbucks coffee. Sadly, they were a little slow in the mornings – so I would just grab a regular coffee. Even though I didn’t get my favorite latte, I will take a cup of Starbucks coffee (with cream) over the hotel room coffee any day of the week!

Travel Tip: Order your breakfast at least 30 minutes prior to when you need it ready. While the food was slow, it was delicious and gave us plenty of energy to get through the morning hustle at the parks.

Read more about this Disneyland good neighbor hotel at This hotel is ideally located near the Disneyland parks. Has an amazing waterpark and room for 6 people in eah room! Ideal for families traveling together!!

Gift Shop / Convenience Store

The hotel lobby has a gift shop / convenience store that never seems to be closed. Actually, I think the hours were something like 6AM to 11PM. The hours made for very convenient shopping for people who are at the parks from open to close. They had lots of souvenirs, but also grab-and-go foods, drinks (even wine), and oddly enough – duct tape, which we needed during our stay (I’ll save you the gory details on why we needed the tape).

Hotel Room

Room Layout

Courtyard’s standard room comes with two queen beds and bunk beds. This layout would be ideal for families traveling with 2+ kids. Everyone has their own space to sleep. And what kid doesn’t love a bunk bed situation?!?


The bathroom had two sinks and two showers! Yes, two showers!! One is a walk-in shower with full privacy and the other is a tub/shower combo with just a shower curtain for privacy. After a long day (and night) at the parks, two showers are beneficial to get everyone showered and ready for bed as quick as possible.


The booth type table was an added perk for the room. Have you ever wondered why so many hotel rooms lack a place to eat a meal? Especially hotels near a kid-centric area?! Anyway, the Courtyard knocked this one out of the park.

Travel Tip: At some Marriott hotels you can skip housekeeping and earn more Marriott Reward Points (up to 250 points)! Check with your next Marriott to see if this perk applies.

Surrounding Amenities

Between Disneyland and the Courtyard are a few restaurants. Mimi’s Café is located directly in front of the hotel. McDonald’s, Panera, and IHOP are also located close to the hotel. We stopped at Panera a few times. Our daughter’s favorite place to eat is Panera, so having one nearby made life a lot easier! 

Distance to Disneyland

If you get stopped at the red light (and you typically will), it will take 10 minutes to get from the hotel to the security line at Disneyland.  The walk is safe and has several amenities along the way (McDonalds, Panera, gift shops, etc.).

Want to Book this Hotel?

As you guys know, I am now a travel agent. Seriously, a dream come true! I would love to help you guys plan your Disneyland vacation package. What you’ll find working with a travel agent is this…. you will pay the exact same price (maybe less) when booking with a travel agent – however, booking with an agent will also provide you with additional perks! These perks include our inside knowledge and tips to help make your vacation perfect. Send me an email to get a free, no obligation, quote.

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