Creede, Colorado – A Hidden Gem in Colorado

Soak up the Views in Creede

In a state filled with beautiful scenery and various opportunities to explore the outdoors, Creede, Colorado is truly a hidden gem. I’ve lived in Colorado for nearly 20 years now and I have only come across two “natives” who have even heard of Creede, much less visited it. Funny enough, growing up in Louisiana, I knew more about Creede than I did Denver. My father’s family, beginning four generations ago, spent many summer vacations in Creede, where my grandfather and dad eventually became land and cabin owners. After my dad’s retirement, my dad and stepmom became “full-timers” in Creede and I reaped the benefits of long-weekend visits.

Truth be told, Creede will always have a special place in my heart. Not only does Creede boast picturesque beauty with small town charm, it is a place of cherished memories with my dad who sadly passed last year. I will never think of Creede without thinking of my dad.

Getting to Creede

Creede is 4.5 hours southwest of our home in Denver. If you are coming from out-of-state, you can fly into Denver, Colorado Springs (3.5 hours), or even Santa Fe (3.5 hours); no matter your starting destination, you will see lots of Colorado beauty on your journey to Creede.

Rio - Creede, Colorado
Rio Grande River
Drive - Creede, Colorado
Getting close to Creede

Downtown Creede

The town of Creede is small (some may even call it quaint), but, whether described a tiny or quaint, the town offers some great souvenir shopping, several excellent restaurants, and a local super market. My favorite place to shop is Off Broadway – they have super cute clothes and knick-knacks galore. Downtown Creede is also home to the Creede Repertory Theater. I’ve seen many shows over the years and I have never been disappointed. Get tickets early, because they do sell out!!

Downtown - Creede, Colorado
Downtown Creede
CRT - Creede, Colorado
Creede Repertory Theater
CRT - Creede, Colorado
Creede Repertory Theater

Staying in Creede

You will not find chain hotels in Creede! In fact, lodging is few and far between. Plan your stay ahead of time to ensure you have a room or campsite for your preferred timeframe. Here are a few places to check out. For more options, visit

Cottonwood Cove
Cabins, RV sites, restaurant and gift shop @ Cottonwood Cove
RV - Creede, Colorado
Luxury RV park @ Mountain Views
Blessings Inn - Creede, Colorado
Blessings Inn, Downtown
Dragonfly - Creede, Colorado
Dragonfly Flats, Downtown

Activities in and around Creede

Visitors to Creede come for the outdoors and some of my favorite outdoor places in Colorado are located in Creede! Here are a few of my favorites:

Clear Creek Falls

The falls are located just a few miles west of Creede along CO-149. The waterfall is beautiful and makes for amazing pictures. The panoramic views from the falls parking lot are equally beautiful. This is a MUST visit spot when traveling through Creede. Truly one of my favorite places in all of Colorado! Bring a picnic lunch and eat at the falls, or stop on the way to/from the falls for a hamburger or ice cream at Freemon’s.

Clear Creek Falls - Creede, Colorado
North Clear Creek Falls
Bristol Head - Creede, Colorado
Bristol Head
Freemon's - Creede, Colorado
Freemon’s Burgers ROCK

Creede Mining Museum

The museum is located on the north side of downtown. It is a fun, short museum of the mining history in Creede. Bring some quarters along to purchase food for the ever-hungry, super-fat chipmunks.

Chipmunks - Creede, Colorado
SP got brave to feed the chipmunk!
Creede, Colorado - Mine
Entrance to the Mine Museum

Bachelor Loop

This 4×4 drive is my favorite in Colorado. I’ve seen cars on this loop – but I wouldn’t recommend it just due to the clearance issues. You don’t need an off-road vehicle, just something with a little more clearance than a car. The drive is approximately 20 miles and it goes past the old mines of Creede and along the creek. It also passes by the land where the town of Bachelor once stood. We used to take walks out into this field and would find long-forgotten artifacts from this town. Of the items we found, some treasures included a spoon and a thimble. This loop is beautiful and historic.

Bachelor Loop -Creede, Colorado
Entrance to Bachelor Loop

Wheeler Geographic Area

Another fantastic drive is taking a day trip to Wheeler Geographic Area. But, that is a post for another day!

Creede, Colorado - Wheeler
Wheeler Geological Area

Other Activities

Creede has something for everyone! Rafting, float trips, fly fishing, hiking, biking, rock climbing, horse riding, ATV trips, mushrooming, camping, wildlife viewing, wildflower viewing, etc.

Creede, Colorado - Mushrooms
flowers - creede, colorado

For more information, be sure to visit

***Fun Fact: Johnny Depp stayed in Creede, Colorado while filing The Lone Ranger.***

Creede, Colorado is a hidden gem in Colorado!

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