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Denver Zoo

A Day at the Denver Zoo

Early fall in Colorado is a perfect time to visit the Denver Zoo! The temperatures are ideal for spending hours just wandering around the zoo. Last week, my daughter had a day off from school and I also decided to take a day off from work for a mama/daughter date. We had a blast exploring the Denver Zoo!

Denver Zoo History and Landscape

The Denver Zoo actually has a fun history and was the first zoo in United States to display animals at eye level in their natural habitats without bars or fences. As such, the zoo has beautiful enclosures for the animals. Two of the newest areas of the zoo are for the tigers and elephants. The tiger enclosure, The Edge, is the newest addition to the zoo and it allows the tigers to climb and be high above the zoo visitors. This creates a unique viewing experience. The elephants new enclosure is called Elephant Passage and it is simply beautiful. These animals have a great habitat to enjoy within the zoo. I encourage you to read more about the Denver Zoo at their website,

Living in the suburbs of Denver, means that trees are scarce. In fact, no trees within my neighborhood of approximately 2,000 houses are big enough to support a squirrel. True story. The Denver Zoo, however, has been around since 1896 and has 80-acres of beautiful shade trees. Being tree deprived, I’d visit just for these beautiful trees!

Denver Zoo Trees

Denver Zoo Animals and Entertainment

The Denver Zoo is home to approximately 4,000 different animals! What is great about this zoo are all the hands-on experiences they offer. We love feeding the giraffes and lorikeets!

In addition to the animals, the zoo has lots of experiences for kids to enjoy. They have a small stream for kids to wade in and several areas for kids to climb on structures and have fun. They have fun art around the zoo and of course, the train and the carousel.

Denver Zoo Art
Lego Lion
Denver Zoo Train

Denver Zoo Special Exhibits

In addition to the great zoo animals, the Denver Zoo is currently featuring dinosaurs. This event is called, “Dinos! Live at Denver Zoo.” It features 21 full sized dinosaurs brought to life among the zoo animals. They are pretty amazing to see and experience.

Denver Zoo - Dino
I see a dino!
Denver Zoo - Dino

Denver Zoo Eats

The zoo actually has 9 different spots to grab food or drink. These venues range from American food to Asian inspired cuisine to BBQ, and they even have a food truck in the zoo! Most of the venues serve craft beer, which is kind-of a staple here in Colorado! They also have tons of sweets and snacks. You will go broke before you go hungry or thirsty!

My daughter and I ate at the Samburu Grille, which is right near the front entrance of the Denver Zoo. If you have lots of picky eaters, then this is the place to go! They had everything from pizza to burgers to quesadillas to hot dogs…and more! It also has lots of indoor and outdoor seating, which would be great on a busy zoo day. Another bonus, the bathrooms are right next door – making your pit stop super efficient.

Denver Zoo - Eats
Great place to eat!

Also, to my surprise, the zoo now offers Dole Whip! I felt *almost* like I was at Disneyland.

Denver Zoo Eats
Dole Whip!!!!!

The Denver Zoo is a great family fun experience! There is much to do, see, and taste! Be sure to check out their website,, for upcoming events!

A day at the Denver Zoo is a great way to spend a free day with your children. There is much more to do than just look at animals! #Denver #zoo

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