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Disney Cruise – Halloween on the High Seas

Overview of the Halloween Celebration Onboard the Disney Dream

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During the months of September and October, the Disney Cruise Line decorates its fleet with Halloween décor and their activities shift to have a Halloween flavor. We recently went on the Disney Dream’s Halloween on the High Seas and had a really great time! Here is my review:

Disney Dream Halloween Decorations

The cruise ship is tastefully decorated with jack-o-lanterns and fall leaves throughout the lobby of the ship. Some of the decorations were so tasteful, that you really had to consider if it was a spider web or elaborate iron work!

My favorite of the decorations was the Pumpkin Tree located in the lobby. When we first boarded the cruise, the tree was bare, but on day 2, jack-o-lanterns had “grown” on the tree.

Disney Cruise Halloween on the High Seas
Bare Pumpkin Tree
Disney Cruise Halloween on the High Seas
Full Pumpkin Tree

I also really enjoyed the jack-o-lantern decals on many of the windows. I took several pictures of these throughout the cruise! They just made me happy!!

Disney Cruise Halloween on the High Seas
Sooooo cute!

Disney Dream Halloween Activities and Entertainment

As usual, being on a Disney cruise we had more activities and entertainment options than we could possible do. Having options allows for everyone to find something they enjoy and the activities aren’t overcrowded. These highlighted activities and entertainment offerings were specifically Halloween themed, which were primarily on the “Halloween” day of the cruise:

The Pumpkin Tree

The Pumpkin Tree is the location of fun Halloween stories told by the Caretaker. The tree lights up during story time and it is quite stunning! The kids LOVED sitting around the tree for story time!

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Sing and Scream

For years, our daughter’s favorite movie was “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, so naturally, we were excited to take her to this show. Then, as it goes in parenting world, our daughter decided she’d rather go to the kid’s club’s Halloween party (she had a blast and Pluto came for a visit). We understand that the highlight of this movie was a special meet and greet with Jack and Sally! Super bummed that we missed this!

Disney Cruise Halloween on the High Seas
Oogie Boogie Popcorn Holder

Disney Characters in Costume

The highlight for our daughter was seeing all of her Disney friends dressed-up in their Halloween costumes! We ran around like crazy people to ensure she managed to get a picture with all of them! Our favorite costume of the Mickey & Friends gang was Donald Duck’s Super Hero costume!

Disney Cruise Halloween on the High Seas
Super Donald!

Trick-or-Treating and Mickey’s Halloween Party

Outside on the pool deck, the kids were given trick-or-treat bags and 7 different candy stations. Mickey & Friends put on a Halloween show before the kids got candy.  We only made it to two candy stations and had plenty of candy to last the entire cruise (and longer)! If you plan on hitting up all 7 stations, bring a ziplock bag to take all the candy home with you!!

Disney Cruise Halloween on the High Seas
I want candy!

Other Halloween Activities

Outside of the above activities, the Disney cruise offered lots of other Halloween activities – such as Halloween crafting classes, kid’s club activities, and masquerade parties.

Overall Thoughts

We loved seeing the Disney Dream decorated for Halloween and absolutely loved the opportunity to see Mickey & Friends in their Halloween costumes. Almost everyone got into costume for Halloween night. We saw tons of very cleverly themed family costumes. Our daughter went as Belle and my husband and I “bounded” as the Beast and Gaston.

Would I recommend this cruise to other families?  Yes!  Would we go back on a Halloween themed cruise?  Not intentionally.  We loved it, don’t get me wrong – but, for us, the Halloween theme wasn’t compelling enough to seek out another Halloween on the High Seas cruise.

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  1. This looks like a lot of fun! I would love to go on a Disney Cruise at some point with my daughter. They seem to offer the best activities for kids out of all the cruise lines.

  2. That looks like a ton of fun!!! We haven’t done Disney or a Disney cruise yet. With a 1 year old in the mix, it’s still a little too soon, but I am looking forward to experiencing it in the next few years!

  3. OMG, this has been on my bucket list for so many years! Halloween is my favorite holiday and i just imagine it would be SO much fun at Disneyland! your photos look amazing!!

  4. dying to go on a disney cruise. I think the fall is also less expensive so I can see going this time of year, not because of Halloween, although that sounds awesome too, but for cost. Of course that means taking kids out of school but I think thats the only way we will get on a Disney Cruise.

  5. Oh wow. Honestly, I’ve never been to Disneyland nor a cruise so a Disney cruise sounds more than amazing to me! I love that your daughter was all dressed up and got to meet her favorite characters. I would totally enjoy this as an adult so I am sure she had a blast! I’m sorry that the Halloween theme was not super convincing to you guys – the decoration from the pictures at least looks amazing!

  6. I want to go on a Disney cruise so much! I really like fall, so I think that I would like this time of year for a cruise. Maybe when I retire from teaching! Your daughter makes an adorable Belle, by the way. I love seeing the characters in their costumes, and I think my family would enjoy the Nightmare Before Christmas activities. Someday I will go!

  7. It was our first Disney cruise and absolutely loved it! The Halloween decorations were amazing and all the characters looked fantastic in their Halloween costumes! The best part was watching the pure joy on our granddaughters face….priceless!

  8. This cruise looks like a great way to celebrate Halloween with kids over their fall break week. I like that the entire cruise isn’t entirely dedicated to the Halloween theme. It seems like a good mix of Halloween and normal cruise activities.

  9. This looks like so much fun, for adults and kids 😉 I’ve heard great things about their cruises. Halloween time might be a fun time to give it a try.

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