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The Most Magical Hotel at Disneyland – Disneyland Hotel

A Fantastic & Magical Stay for Everyone!

Experience the magic @ Disneyland Hotel

When pricing a Disneyland vacation, it is easy to see the price difference between a Disney hotel and a good neighbor hotel. While many of the good neighbor hotels are fantastic, they simply cannot beat the magic of the Disneyland Hotel. From surprise character encounters to singing headboards, the Disneyland Hotel has my vote for the most magical hotel at Disneyland.

Arrival and Check-In

Often times, first impressions are the most crucial. At the Disneyland Hotel, the gatekeeper did an excellent job at providing us with a great first impression of the hotel. He was prepared for our visit, had our parking pass all ready to go, and guided us towards the front of the hotel. As we pulled to the hotel, the bellhop enthusiastically greeted us with a beaming “Welcome to the Disneyland Hotel Mitchell Family” smile! We felt like VIPs!

Stepping out of the car, we were immediately immersed into the Disney culture. They know how to create a feeling with the right music and atmosphere. With the Disney music playing softly in the background, the perfectly manicured landscaping, and the lulling rhythm of the waterfalls, the stress was whisked away!

Inside the hotel lobby, the front-desk clerks look your way and all smile. Not a single one of them were acting busy to avoid human interaction. Our daughter gleefully enjoyed the teacup seats in the lobby while we checked into our room. The front-desk clerk went through the check-in process seamlessly and then answered the questions we didn’t even think to ask! We even got a free autographed photo from Mickey Mouse! It is small touches like this that make the Disneyland Hotel the most magical hotel at Disneyland!

The most magical hotel at disneyland - disneyland hotel
Hanging in the lobby!

And then a little magic happened. Goofy just happened to be walking through the lobby and spotted our daughter. No other kids were around, so Goofy danced with her for several minutes. This is the type of magic that happens every day at the Disneyland Hotel!

The most magical hotel at disneyland - disneyland hotel
A Chance Meeting with Goofy!

Hotel Room

Cleanliness is at the top of my list when it comes to hotel rooms and these rooms were meticulous and extremely comfortable. I’m kicking myself for not taking pictures! While the Disneyland Hotel is the oldest hotel in the Disney franchise, it has been recently renovated and has all the modern luxuries. It isn’t overly themed, but you will take notice of some small touches and magic here and there. Have fun and see if you and your family can find them!

Let’s talk about ‘sleepability’ of the rooms. The beds, sheets, and pillows were all super comfortable. It wasn’t dead-silent until around 10PM, but you could barely hear noises from other rooms/floors. The awesome thing about staying at this hotel is everyone hits the hay pretty early. No late-night drunks stumbling into doors. No unsupervised kids playing tag football in the hallway. The air conditioning worked wonderfully, so if you like sleeping in a cold, dark room {like me}, then you will be pleased. Overall, the sleepability of this hotel was great!!

The bathrooms were small, but functional. I loved all the Disney shampoos and soaps that came with the room. Really nice stuff! They even provided aloe vera, just in case you didn’t wear enough sunscreen at the pool or park. We always requested extra towels at check-in and housekeeping ensured we had plenty throughout our stay.

Each room comes with a small fridge which is big enough for water, milk, and other snacks. I highly recommend bringing in drinks and snacks! It’s fun to get all the Disney themed snacks, but you shouldn’t pay resort prices for Goldfish!

Extra Magic

Lastly, the touches of Disney magic!! When staying at a Disney property, you have access to a Disney storytelling channel. This absolutely makes getting ready in the morning extra helpful. The kiddos get engrossed in the storytelling and limit the “can we go yet?” questions down to only 500.

Now, to my favorite part of the hotel room! Each bed comes with a headboard that lights up and plays the melody from Cinderella, “A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes.” It is so magical and perfect for sweet dreams! Just more reasons why the Disneyland Hotel is the most magical hotel at Disneyland.

The most magical hotel at disneyland - disneyland hotel
A Magical Headboard!

Pool Area

We always plan to arrive to the hotel a day prior to our park days. It allows us to enjoy the hotel amenities. One of those amenities is the Disneyland Hotel pool and it is ah-amazing! Seriously, the bluest pool water that I have ever seen. Super clean!

It’s a large area, with three different pool areas. For the most part, the pool was fairly empty. We never had issues finding lounge chairs or adequate shade. Lots of lifeguards patrolling and they also provided life jackets for the kids. The vibe at the pool made you feel a million miles from the hustle and bustle of Disneyland park.

Our daughter loved the monorail section of the pool area. The slides kept her happily busy for most of the day. My husband and I traded off playing with her in the pool, which also meant we got to enjoy soaking up the California sun and pool side service. Zero complaints with the service, food, and drinks. So add to the list, not only is this hotel the most magical hotel at Disneyland, the POOL is also the most magical!

The most magical hotel at disneyland - disneyland hotel
Disneyland Hotel Main Pool
The most magical hotel at disneyland - disneyland hotel
Disneyland Hotel Waterpark

Goofy’s Kitchen

If you have kids who love seeing Disney characters – or if you love to see Disney characters – then make reservations {way before your visit} to dine at Goofy’s Kitchen. The food was buffet style and was approximately $120 for the three of us to dine on hot dogs, mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, etc. This is not gourmet dining, but the food was good and you are guaranteed that everyone will find something they like at the buffet. Plus, you aren’t there for the food, you are there for the characters!

Getting multiple character photos and autographs completed in a dining situation saves you tons of time in the park. Our daughter saw Goofy, Pluto, Jasmine, Minnie, Dale, Alice, and the Mad Hatter. Each character spent at least 5 minutes talking with her; completely focused on her. She and Dale spent the entire time “bonking” each other on the nose. Her joy was worth every penny of that meal! Don’t forget to bring your autograph books! Adding on this character dining just adds to the magic of the most magical hotel at Disneyland.

The most magical hotel at disneyland - disneyland hotel
Goofy’s Kitchen

Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar

Ok, I will admit it. I am a geek for a good theme. Especially anything island related. As a kid, my Louisiana bedroom was tropically themed; complete with a coral reef table. Obviously, stepping into Trader Sam’s spoke to my inner island goddess because the theme of this bar is awesome! I cozied up in a corner table and just soaked everything in. I ordered a tropical drink on the rocks; a far cry from my typical beer or wine. The drink was delicious and super strong!! If you get a chance to visit the tiki bar, even for a brief moment while your spouse is getting the kids ready for bed, I highly recommend it. This place will whisk your mind away to another time and place. This place certainly sealed the deal for making the Disneyland Hotel the most magical hotel at Disneyland!!!!

The most magical hotel at disneyland - disneyland hotel
Disneyland Hotel

I sincerely hoped you have enjoyed reading our review of the Disneyland Hotel. I also hope that I have inspired you to consider a stay with them sometime soon. You cannot go wrong with this hotel, after all it really is the most magical hotel at Disneyland.

Happy Travels!!

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