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Indulge at Disney Dream’s Palo for Brunch

Adult-Only Brunch on a Disney Cruise

On the Disney Dream, you can book adult-only food experiences at Palo and/or Remy. Both of these dining venues come at an extra cost, but are fantastic escapes from the hustle and bustle of the cruise ship and will please all taste buds. If you are a true foodie or enjoy trying new plates, then this is the place for you! Below is our experience having brunch at Palo while on the Disney Cruise Line’s Disney Dream.

Booking the Palo Brunch

I would recommend booking a brunch at Palo for a sea day. This Champagne brunch was an additional $30.00 per person. Personally, this is an AMAZING value! I cannot remember the last time I found a brunch buffet for this price. If you are interested, I would highly recommend that you try to book Palo brunch reservations as soon as your booking window opens (this varies for different cruise levels, for 1st time cruisers). They do book out quickly, so if you don’t get a reservation during the booking window, then check with guest services as soon as you board.

Palo Age Restrictions and Dress Code

The minimal age (18+ only) and dress code for Palo are strictly enforced. While we were waiting, we saw one man get turned away because he was wearing flip flops, and another was giving loaner pants to wear during his brunch. The dress code is listed here and everyone should be respectful enough to actually follow it. Tell your husband that “YES, they do enforce the dress code.” I wore a sundress and pretty sandals, while my husband wore a tropical buttoned down shirt with khakis and dress shoes.

First Impressions at Palo

Entering Palo, I was shocked by how different the décor was from the rest of the ship. Now, for those who haven’t cruised with Disney yet, the cruise ship is NOT overwhelming decorated with Disney items. Instead, you have small, subtle reminders of Disney here and there.  Within Palo, I didn’t note any link to Disney décor. It was all high elegance!

Palo Brunch on Disney Dream

Palo Champagne Brunch Buffet

Our table was set for two and both of us were positioned to have an amazing view of the sea. It was by far the most romantic brunch we have experienced.

Palo Brunch on Disney Dream
Our View!

We sipped our mimosas (1st champagne drink was included) and were then escorted to the brunch buffet to get a selection of breads and antipasti. And oh my goodness, we indulged!

Palo Brunch on Disney Dream
Table 1
Palo Brunch on Disney Dream
Table 2
Palo Brunch on Disney Dream
Table 3

We both had an opportunity to try dishes that we’d never tasted before. On my plate was caviar. For my husband, it was smoked tuna steak. I’ll shamefully admit that I didn’t enjoy caviar. It was just too salty for my taste! I don’t even know if it is supposed to be salty… and honestly, I don’t even want to know. The smoked tuna, however, was a winner!  We went back to the buffet twice and while we wanted more, we wanted to save room for the main course.

Palo Brunch on Disney Dream
Hub’s Plate
Palo Brunch on Disney Dream
My Plate

Palo Brunch Main Course

After you have your fill of the brunch buffet, it is time for the main course. Yes, we were already stuffed at this time – but feeling rather gluttonous. Thankfully, the main course items are small portions. Both items were darn delicious. We cleaned our plates! Here are the pictures of our selections! I think I had the eggplant dish and my husband had the veal.

Palo Brunch on Disney Dream
My Delish Dish
Palo Brunch on Disney Dream
Hub’s Delish Dish

Palo Brunch Dessert

Oh, but wait… there is MORE food to be had. Did you forget about dessert? I didn’t! How can you EVER pass up dessert, right? Hopefully you can see why I stated that $30.00 per person is an AMAZING value!! So much great food for this low price. We ordered lattes (not included in the price) and off we went to the dessert buffet table and made a few selections (three each).

Palo Brunch on Disney Dream

Each item we selected was absolutely delicious! We were tempted to go back for more, but we were honestly at our limit for food.

How to Pay for Palo Brunch

At some point during the meal, I discreetly leaned over to my husband and asked if he had brought cash to tip. Of course the answer was “no.” Since no place on the ship takes cash or credit card, we had locked it in the safe. I mildly panicked…..for no good reason. At the end of your meal, they will present you with your bill. This includes your Palo brunch, which you already “paid” for and then the extras you purchased along the way (e.g., more champagne and lattes). Whew, I  was thankful that could tip for this amazing service!

Final Notes on Palo Brunch

Overall, we loved our Palo brunch experience and would be very likely to do this again! If you aren’t an adventurous eater, there is still plenty of great food for you to eat (breads, sticky buns, cheeses, meats, pasta, wood-fired pizza). Your child(ren) will be perfectly happy spending an hour or so in the kid’s club while you spend some quality time reconnecting with your spouse, gazing at the open ocean, and indulging yourself on some delicious food.

Indulge at Palo for Brunch when on the Disney Dream!

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