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Why I LOVE Google Photos

A Must-Have Photo Tool for Families

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Not many apps are true life-changers for me, but Google Photos has been the exception. It’s given me peace of mind, enhanced photos, and easy sharing capabilities. Let me dive into all the reasons why this tool is a must for families who love their photos!

Photo Storage & Organization

I’m a freak about backing up my pictures! A freak. I typically keep them in three different locations – my phone, my computer, and an external hard drive. But, I still would wake up in a cold sweat if I didn’t perform my normal routine back-up. After whining about this to a friend of mine, he gave me a solution – Google Photos!

It’s cloud-based storage with free, unlimited capacity. Once you download the app and sign-up (also for free), your photos will automatically be backed-up, organized, and labeled. Tip: Change the settings to only back-up when connected to WiFi.

After the photos download, you can access them via the Google Photos app on a phone or from a PC via a Gmail account. Do you know what that means? If for some reason, I lose my phone before going through my freakishly intense photo back-up process, I will not lose my pictures!!! Hello, peace-of-mind!

Enhanced Photo Editing

My favorite feature of Google Photos is the automatic photo enhancement feature. Google will auto select a few photos to enhance. This enhancement will either stylize the photo, place photos from a day into a collage, or create a movie (recently, it created a puppy movie and literally showed my pup’s growth in photos!). Here is an example of a stylized photo.

Google Photos App
My Version
Google Photos App
Stylized Version

Photo Sharing

The sharing feature of Google Photos is amazing and super helpful! If you download this app, then you will no longer need to text/email family members or friends multiple pictures. Instead, you would create a folder in Google Photos and invite others to participate. From that point, any photo added to the folder is accessible by all members of the folder! Deleting from the folder, will only delete it from that location – not the original photo. We used this feature for our recent Disney World/Disney Cruise vacation. All four adults uploaded their photos to this folder for us all to enjoy!

Google Photos is a must have tool for all families who love their pictures! Read the three main reasons why you should get this app today!

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  1. For good reason I have always been a fanatic about backing up photos. I’ve always been skeptical about cloud storage but will take a look ar Google Photos. After all they already store my docs on Drive and my calendar. Thanks

  2. My teenage son has been trying to convince me to try Google Photos for such a long time! I love seeing how it can group photos together and create collages and videos. One of these days, I am going to have to check it out for myself.

  3. I also really like Google Photos, even though I am an iPhone user. I love the ability to backup all of my photos and the cute movies that Google makes for me 🙂

  4. I just downloaded this last week and I also LOVE it! I can’t believe I didn’t know about it before this. I love the organization it offers. I love how easy it is to find stuff and I’ve the editing features. Can’t say enough good things about it!

    1. Since you have older kids, I bet you will love the share feature. They can easily share their vacation pictures with you to a single folder.

  5. I am also a phanatic about backing up my pictures! My pictures are on my phone, on an external hard drive, and on Amazon Prime Photos. Amazon Prime Photos also has an app so it makes it convenient to share and upload pictures right from my phone. Your enhanced photo looks great and the movie feature sounds neat!

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