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More Experiences. Less Stuff.

How many presents do your kids open each Christmas? How many of those gifts are treasured over the years? Months? Days? In our house, many of the gifts end up re-gifted by March. The whole process makes me sad. We spend hard earned money on gifts that aren’t really needed. After last year, we vowed to buy less gifts and give more family fun experiences.

On Christmas morning, in addition to a few items from Santa, our daughter will open a “Family Fun List” poster. This poster will contain 24 experiences we plan to do during the new year. She can checkoff each item as we accomplish it. I think she is going to LOVE it!

Making this poster took just a few hours of brain work and computer skills. Then, I sent it off to Walgreens for printing (with 50% coupon and cash back)! You can literally get this done on Christmas Eve!!! Find out how to create your own “Family Fun List” poster filled with your own family fun experiences below.  

Examples of Family Experiences

  • Lessons (horseback, ice skating, roller skating, art, music, cooking, etc.)
  • Museum / Zoo Visits
  • Hiking Trip
  • Camping Trip
  •  Sledding / Skiing / Snow Shoeing
  • Eating at a Fancy Restaurant
  • Staying at a Fancy Hotel
  •  Visiting a National Park
  • Visiting a Waterpark
  • Attending a Sporting Event
  • Tickets to a Play or Concert
  • Family Picnic Trip
  • Family Vacation
  • Finding the Best (Sushi, Ice Cream, Pizza, etc.) in Town

Create a Family Fun Poster

Create a family fun list!

Now that you have a list of ideas, display them on a fun poster! I created this family fun poster to use it as a checklist throughout the year. Our daughter can mark off the boxes as we accomplish each fun experience. This visual will help remind her (and us) that we have the gift of experiencing things all through the year.

Here are the step-by-step directions:

  • Create your poster in Canva. Canva is a free graphic design site and it is amazing.
  •  Open Canva, click on the “Use Custom Dimensions” which is located on the top right side of the screen.
  • Change the measurement type from “px” to “in” and then type in your size 11 x 14. Don’t type in the size first, because it will not keep it in inches. 
  • Design! Have fun! Note: I used the shape element for the checkboxes. Here is a link to view my design in Canva — Mitchell Family Fun List.
  • After your design has been created, save it to your computer as a PNG or JPG.
  • Head over to Walgreens > Photo > Posters. If you don’t already have Ebates, then you should sign-up! Walgreens always has online cash back and I use them constantly for quick photo jobs. If you use my link to sign-up, then you get a $10 bonus and I get a $25 referral fee. Win-Win! Here is my Ebates referral link — Ebates Referral Link
  •  Select the 11 x 14 poster size and click “Create Now.” Note: They have two types of posters – one to frame and one to peel & stick! Both are great options for this project.
  •  Upload your photo using the icon on the right side of the screen.
  •  Photo will auto-populate using the wrong orientation. Select “Orientation” icon to the right of the photo and then “Change.”
  • All done! Order the prints and pick-up at your local Walgreens within an hour!!! 
If you make your own family fun poster, please tag me on Instagram @travelplusfamily!! I would love to see your ideas and designs.