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Must Have RV Camping Items

Must Have Camping Options

Recently, we went on our very first family road-trip pulling our travel trailer. And… it was an adventure! While I discovered I loved being in our camper and enjoyed the campgrounds, I hated pulling it behind our vehicle and feeling strong gusts of wind nearly blow us over. Because of this trip, we have decided to camp locally going forward. Lucky for us, we live in Colorado and have tons of camping locations nearby!

For starters, let me tell you about our travel trailer. It’s a 2018 Jay Flight (model 267VHSW). It weighs 5515 lbs and is 30 feet long. It has a slide, toilet, shower, air conditioning/heat, stove, refrigerator, microwave, and several sleeping and lounging areas. We tow it with a 2018 Chevy Tahoe and it works out fabulously.

Even though our camper comes with every luxury item anyone would ever need while camping, I still have extra needs. Here are the 4 items I’ve invested in to make my trailer camping experience a little more bearable. Tell me if you see a trend in my needs….

Electric Kettle

Our electric tea kettle is something we use constantly. I’m either heating up water for a cup of tea, oatmeal, or the occasional bowl of ramen. I couldn’t imagine going on the road without it! Yes, I know I can heat water in a traditional kettle over my gas oven – but seriously, why?! This is WAY easier and quicker.

Electronics Charging / Organization Station

Do you know how easy it is to lose a phone or tablet in a camper? Insanely easy!! We don’t use electronics during the day since we are always busy exploring but when we get back in the evenings, we can’t find them. This charging station is ideal to keep track of everything and ensure a constant charge.

Nespresso Pixie

Oh, did you expect me to brew a pot over the campfire? Espresso and cream is my jam, so this Nespresso is one of my favorite devices! It is just an added bonus that we have a Nespresso store near us and we can pick up pods and recycle them much easier than mail-order! Anyway, sipping hot espresso after a night of camping is good for everyone involved (even those not drinking coffee)!

Cute Coffee Mugs

Are you shocked that three of my “glamping must have items” are related to my caffeine addiction appreciation? These mugs are perfect for sipping coffee while hanging out around the camper or while driving between destinations. They keep my brew perfectly hot regardless of what is on the agenda!

Wine Mugs

How cute are these? I felt very rugged sipping my favorite wine (The Prisoner) from these adorable camping mugs. They are unbreakable, durable, and look the part!

Bed Topper

My parents once had a very expensive RV and guess what, even their bed was uncomfortable! We definitely needed a little extra cushion for our camper bed and we love this one. The gel keeps the bedding a little cooler, which I require for great sleep.

Electric/Power Jack

Okay, snooze-fest item here. However, this electric jack allowed for quicker set-up and break-down of the camper. AND, less help from me 🙂 So if your hubby wants to invest in an electric jack, let him!!!!

What camping items are a must have for you?

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