Puppy Tales: Reality of Having a Puppy

From Potty Training to Teething

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Puppies are adorable. Their fur is so fluffy. Their ears are so soft. Some people even claim that they have good breath, I don’t agree, but I can understand the allure of getting a new puppy. Trust me, I do.

Here is our puppy, Max, at 8 weeks old. He is an adorable golden retriever puppy. Cutest little ball of fur I have ever seen! Am I right?

The Reality of Having a Puppy
Mr. Max

There are so many pros to getting a puppy, but I wanted to drop some reality on your guys as well. Basically, I want to tell you the worse things about having a puppy.

Potty Training Nightmare

Puppies have tiny baby bladders and need to go potty frequently. In the first few days that Max was with us, I heard my husband frequently state, “How are you peeing again? You JUST went.” Yup, they can go outside, do their business, and then come back inside and immediately pee again. Have tons of patience when cleaning up the pools of pee inside your house – from 8 – 10 weeks they have very limited control. If you can, limit their first few weeks in the house to hard surfaces.

Tiny Chewing Machines

They have sharp teeth and strong desire to bite and chew all things. And I do mean, all things. Even though we spent nearly a hundred dollars on chew toys, Max only wants to chew shoes, socks, couches, carpet, and even our wall. Leaving your puppy unsupervised for even 3 minutes can result in total destruction of pretty much anything they can get their mouth on.

Require a TON of Attention

Your free time is gone, at least until they are at least four months old. Unless you have a super amazing and patient friend who is willing to watch your puppy 24/7, then say goodbye to long weekends away; bid farewell to sleeping in. You will be spending every waking moment dedicated to the needs of your puppy. You will need to play with him, exercise him, groom him, teach him, etc.

Puppies shed and don’t smell like roses. If you are accustomed to a sparkly clean house, then you are going to need to reset your expectations for a while. In the beginning, you simply will not have time to clean your house. This was the biggest hurdle for me to overcome! At a minimal, vacuum the floor and wash the dog’s bedding often. This will help your house from smelling like a kennel, which nearly made me lose my mind.

Max is now 12 weeks old and we are still struggling with the challenges of taking care of a new puppy. Will it be worth it? Absolutely. However, we at least have another four weeks to go before we will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

But just LOOK at how cute he is?!

The Reality of Having a Puppy
Sweet Boy!

The Reality of Having a Puppy - It's a lot of work to have a puppy. This blog outlines the hardest few items. They are worth it, but should never be adopted without knowing these realities.

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  1. Your article made me laugh. I’ve always said I have a love/hate relationship with the puppy phase. They’re so darn cute but they’re SOOOO much work. Thanks for sharing!

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