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Put Your Phone Down, It’s Vacation Time!

Five Solutions for Phone-Addicted Travelers

Our phone addiction is no joke these days. Maybe you are addicted… or your partner… or your child. Whatever the case might be, a vacation is the perfect time to take a break from your phone. Even if you cannot achieve a full 24-hour break from your phone every single day of the trip, at least aim for a few hours per day. Here are some solutions to the most common excuses for keeping a phone on while on vacation:

Excuse #1: I need my phone to take pictures!

Okay, fair enough. Our phones are by far the easiest way to take pictures and videos. It’s an all-in-one with convenient storage and sharing. So, here is a tip… place your phone on Airplane Mode within the Settings Menu. This allows you to take all the pictures and videos you need, without the temptation of checking email or social media accounts. Another solution is to buy a light weight, non-complicated DSLR camera.

Excuse #2: What if an emergency comes up back at home?

Guess what? Hotels have phones. Give people back at home the name and phone number of your hotel. If an emergency comes up, then the front desk at the hotel will get the message to you. This ensures that only true emergencies are escalated to the point of calling the hotel! But, this gives you the ability to know that people have a way of contacting you.

Excuse #3: I need to be accessible for work issues

In my opinion, a vacation means taking a break from work. However, if you feel that you must check in while away, then schedule yourself an hour per day to look through emails (not as they chime in). Two ways to prevent yourself from reading the emails as they come in: (1) turn off your phone/leave it in hotel safe or (2) turn off notifications – iPhone users go to Settings > Do Not Disturb and Android users turn-off notifications app by app. Personally, I never check work email while on vacation – I give my boss my hotel details!

Excuse #4:  I need to update social media with all the fun I’m having!

If you are constantly on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter bragging about your “good time”, then my assumption is always “it must not be that good of a time if you are making post updates ALL THE TIME.” Let people live in anticipation of your vacation pictures. Plus, you are almost guaranteed to have plenty of time at the airport to catch up on emails or social media. If this doesn’t work, then again, limit your social media time to just an hour per day. Maybe at night, while you are winding down from the day.

Excuse #5:  My favorite baseball team is playing their rival or my favorite reality show has its big finale.

Personally, I would use my DVR and watch it later. However, if you are this obsessed, then allot that time as “me time” and don’t damper your fellow travelers with your obsession. For sports, find a local bar and at least try a different beer. Just remember to pay forward the “me time”, by asking your partner if they would like some time for their own preferences.

Just remember, we go on vacation for relaxation and to spend time with our loved ones. This time is precious and doesn’t come around every single day, so put your phone down and enjoy your vacation time!

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