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Teaching Toddlers: DIY Worksheets

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A post from the archives! When SP was little, I tried to encourage fun, yet educational activities. It is so important for parents to begin teaching at home.  It helps build a child’s self-esteem and gives them the confidence they need to conquer new challenges. SP started kindergarten last August and I was able to see my efforts pay off! She was one of the first readers in her class and by the end of the school year, she was knocking out her math facts. Here is my first DIY supplemental education project from YEARS ago:

DIY Learning Worksheets for Toddlers

My favorite piece of parenting is watching my daughter learn.  It gives me such joy to see her understand something for the first time!  I’ve always heard that toddlers learn so fast, but I’ve never really witnessed it until SP came along… and it is truly amazing!

Several months ago, SP started learning her shapes.  We started simple with a circle, square, triangle, star, and heart.  When she was in the mood, I’d grab her flash cards and we would go through a few of them.  But I wanted to challenge her a bit more… and give her an opportunity to follow simple directions. I also wanted to work on her ability to hold a crayon and sort-of “color in the lines.”

Using Microsoft Word, I created these simple worksheets for her.  The concept is simple, create a table with 6 columns and 5 rows – increase your font to about 72 and type in whatever you are trying to learn or reinforce.  For the basic shapes, you will use the Insert and Symbol functions and search for the square, etc.  I also created worksheets to reinforce her alphabet and number knowledge.


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Teaching Numbers

I gave SP the worksheet and asked her to color all the number ones pink and then count them.  In this process, she practiced the following skills:

  1. Colors – find her pink crayon
  2. Numbers – find all of her number ones
  3. Counting – count how many she found
  4. Following directions – three step directions is a huge milestone for a toddler
Coloring the numbers pink

I then told her to COLOR CRAZY… and color crazy she did!

Wild coloring is the best!

For shapes, we had to upgrade SP from the basic to the advanced (diamonds, trapezoids, pentagons, hexagons…).  To create these, you will need to use Word’s Insert and Shape features and then “draw” them in your squares. Only draw each shape once… much easier to just copy and paste it into other squares!!

Learning + Fun = WIN

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