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Travel Agent Myths Busted!

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Back in 1997, I spent a few weeks shadowing a local travel agent. Surrounded by travel posters and brochures, I watched the agent book flights on a system that seemed antiquated even back then and listened as she discussed exotic vacation locations with her clients. I LOVED it and desperately wanted the travel industry to be my career path.

But then, things changed. By time I completed college, the internet, for better or worse, had allowed everyone to become their own travel agent. My dreams were crushed, and I moved forward with a career in the corporate world. Nearly 20 years later, I started Travel Plus Family to somewhat fulfill that dream from long ago.

During this time, I have acted as my own travel agent for both my family and friends. I’d spend hours researching travel plans; creating spreadsheet after spreadsheet to find the best vacation options. I refused to even consider using a travel agent. However, all of my travel agent misconceptions were changed when we recently booked our extended family vacation through an agency. Continue reading to see how this experience has changed my opinion entirely.

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post. My opinions about working with Megan at Paradise Travel have been based on my own experience.

Travel Agent Myths (and Why They Aren’t True)

Travel planning is my jam and I love doing it; so honestly, I was skeptical of using a travel agent. In addition to loving the planning process, I thought I could do it better; I thought I could do it cheaper. And I was oh, so wrong.

Myth: Travel Agents are Expensive

Fact: Travel agents have connections and resources to help find the best deals ever. Before we booked our Puerto Vallarta with Megan at Paradise Travel, I took her quotes and then price checked her. In fact, I spent hours researching, combining different versions of the flight and hotel, using all the discount codes I could find and I didn’t even come close to the price she quoted us. The truth is, using a travel agent saved me money!

Fact #1: Travel Agents actually save you money! Who doesn't like that?! Read more facts at #travel #travelagent #travelagency
More Money for Splurges!

Myth: Travel Agents Take the Fun Out of Planning

Fact: A good travel agent is always going to give you choices based on the information you’ve provided them. When we started the vacation research process, we asked for locations in Cabo, Cancun, and Puerto Vallarta. Megan provided us fact sheets for several hotels in each of the three areas. My husband and I sat down with a bottle of wine and researched all the options she provided us. She saved us time and which allowed us to research a few locations meeting our specifications vs. endless options.

Fact #1: Travel Agents actually save you money! Who doesn't like that?! Read more facts at #travel #travelagent #travelagency
You Still Get To Plan!

Myth: Travel Agents Will Force Travel Plans

Fact: Travel agents today get new clients by word-of-mouth; therefore, they have a vested interest in serving the client! Wonderful travel agents, like Megan, use all information available to them to help you plan the vacation of YOUR dreams. Listen to their opinions, review their options, but at the end of the day, the choice will still be yours to make.

Fact #1: Travel Agents actually save you money! Who doesn't like that?! Read more facts at #travel #travelagent #travelagency
Your Vacation, Your Choice!

More About Paradise Travel

Paradise Travel is a group of travel lovers who specialize in dream destinations such as, Hawaii, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, the South Pacific, Asia, cruises, and everything Disney. They aren’t affiliated with any resorts, so you will receive advice and suggestions for your vacation solely based on your specifications, price range, and either personal or client experience with the destination. Visit to learn more!

p.s. If you reach out to them, please tell them that Tara from Travel Plus Family referred you!!

Fact #1: Travel Agents actually save you money! Who doesn't like that?! Read more facts at #travel #travelagent #travelagency


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  1. Great insight! I have always been skeptical of using a travel agent too. Just like you, planning trips is my jam, and I’ve been the acting travel agent for my friends and family for years. It may be time to reconsider having someone else do the work! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes, they had me at the financial savings! As much as I like to plan my travel, I like to save money even more!

  2. This is really informative, and kind of exciting. I get overwhelmed with planing vacations but have never thought of using an agent. I seriously can’t wait to call her for our next trip!!

  3. Thank you for this! I’m tired of hearing people poop on travel agents just because they’ve read about people who may or may not have had terrible experiences with them. My boyfriend’s mom being one. Really, the majority of travel agents just want to take the stress away from vacation planning and ensure you have the best time.

  4. I’ll have to think about using a travel agent. I always thought I was too much of a control freak to use one. I am certainly a planner. But if they could shorten the list of choices and save me money…well, I should look into that. I think I would really consider a travel agent if I were leaving the contiguous states. I coudd definitely use some guidance there!

  5. I loved this article for several reasons – one I love using a travel agent for big trips, and two Im kinda thinking of becoming one!!!!!!! Glad you saved money, I think thats a big plus and it seems like TA are making a come back. Yes, you can book everything on your own using the good ol’ internet, but why bother when someone will do it for you AND save you $$$$$$$

  6. Very interesting!! We don’t typically use travel agents because I too LOVE travel planning. But I’d definitely consider using one now!

  7. This is all so true! I was also skeptical about enlisting the help of a travel consultant to book our trips but now there’s no going back! It saves me hours and hours of research and she thinks of every little detail at no extra cost to us. Glad you found someone you enjoy working with! The longer you stick with them, the more they get to know you and what you like and don’t like. I call her my Travel Fairy Godmother; she loves that. 🙂

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