Uncorked Kitchen Review

A Fantastic Cooking Experience South of Denver

We are always looking for new and unique experiences to do as a family and recently, we discovered Uncorked Kitchen. Uncorked Kitchen is located in Centennial, Colorado, near the Park Meadows mall area. The   atmosphere,  food, cooking classes and wine experiences makes this venue  a memorable experience without the long drive to downtown Denver. They have something for everyone and their calendar is filled with fantastic events!

Thank You Uncorked Kitchen

For starters, I’d like to thank Uncorked Kitchen for hosting me at this cooking class. They have a variety of classes available; I selected the “A Taste of Uncorked – Fresh Pasta” course which is a 90-minute session which retails at $49.00. It was the perfect introduction course! I entered the class not knowing anything about making fresh pasta at home, in fact, I’ve always been intimated to even try it. However, by the time I left the class, I was fueled with a passion for homemade pasta!

The Venue

In addition to their cooking classes, Uncorked Kitchen is also a wine bar. It has an intimate setting with bar, tables, and outdoor sitting. The January weather was a tad chilly for the patio so we cozied inside. The patio would be amazing in the summer; it faces West and has an amazing view of the mountains. I plan on going back this summer to enjoy a Colorado sunset with a glass of wine.

Having time to kill prior to my class, I decided to have some wine. I was at a wine bar, I’d be crazy to NOT have wine. I selected a red wine flight called Sunset Reds which provided a taste of Malbec, Garnacha, and Zinfandel. It was the perfect amount of wine before class started.

Uncorked Kitchen Review

Uncorked Kitchen Review

Even though I had time for wine, I didn’t have time to order some of the small bites. My husband hung out in the bar during my class and ordered the bacon-wrapped dates which he described as “mind-blowingly amazing.” Full disclosure, he likely thought they were mind-blowing because he has never eaten a date in his life; in fact, he fears dates ever since he saw the Indiana Jones “Bad Date” scene.   You know the scene, right? When the monkey kills over and Sallah saves Indy from the bad date by catching is just before he eats it? Anyway, my husband devoured the date without any side effects and has now discovered that dates, especially those wrapped in bacon, are delicious. Click here to see Uncorked Kitchen’s Wine Bar Menu.

Cooking Class Set-Up

Uncorked Kitchen has a great space for conducting their cooking courses. The large room has preparation stations, cooking stations, and, my favorite, a long, cozy table for tasting! Everything is organized perfectly – you never feel cramped; yet it is still very intimate.

Uncorked Kitchen Review

Uncorked Kitchen Review

There were approximately 20 people in the class. Even though this class is paid for individually, most people came with their spouse, a family member, or group of friends. However, being the solo one in the group, I did not feel out of place at all. The “Taste of Uncorked” classes are really ideal for pairs, groups, and individuals.

Making the Pasta

We started with some background from the instructor and an overview of pasta. Then we gathered around the instructor as he visually and verbally walked us through how to make our pasta dough. His instructions were specific and included the basic “how-to’s” the “this may happen to your dough” and the “how to fix it if this happens to your dough.” I always appreciate the Murphy’s Law approach to cooking when I’m in the kitchen.

After our walkthrough, we began to make our pasta dough using the prepared ingredients. During this part of the process no equipment is necessary – it was all hand work. There was something very satisfying about kneading the pasta dough the old-fashioned way with just good old muscle power.

Uncorked Kitchen Review

Once the dough was prepared, we regrouped around the instructor to watch him roll out the dough. He was using a KitchenAid attachment and it made the process a breeze. If you are wondering what you should get me for my upcoming birthday, the KitchenAid attachment is it!

Uncorked Kitchen Review

We were also given the option to use the hand crank method which is what my team selected to use. It was very easy to attach to the table and crank. Because you are cranking and also need to hold the dough, this process benefits having a partner. Each flatted strip of dough was cut into rectangles and laid out to dry. Here in Colorado, our dough only needed about 20-30 minutes to dry.

Uncorked Kitchen Review

Uncorked Kitchen Review

The very last step was cutting our dough into strips. As you can see from the picture below, we rolled a few pieces together and then cut into our desired width. The recipe called for pappardelle pasta, which is a wider pasta noodle.

Uncorked Kitchen Review

Making the Sauce – Pappardelle with Leeks and Bacon

The name of the sauce, “leeks and bacon” does not come close to describing the deliciousness of the flavor. You start with butter, crisp pancetta, sauté leeks, and then add heavy cream and cheese. Here are a few shots of our sauce cooking.

Uncorked Kitchen Review

Uncorked Kitchen Review

Cooking the fresh pasta took about 3-5 minutes. It cooks crazy fast! In fact, I would guess the whole process – from dough prep to finished cooking time would take a pro no more than 45 minutes.

Uncorked Kitchen Review

YUM – Tasting Time

My favorite part of any cooking class is when we get to taste what we prepared. We dished up and dug in. The room was quite until a few “holy crap,” exclamations broke the silence, then we happily patted ourselves on the back for making a phenomenal dish and continued to devour the food. There was plenty of pasta to go around, dish up seconds, and even a few take-home boxes.

Uncorked Kitchen Review

Book Today!

Uncorked Kitchen was a wonderful experience and I loved every second of this cooking class. This venue is perfect for everyone. If you are visiting town on travel, this is a great place to go solo for conversation over drinks and delicious eats. If you are looking for a fun night out with your partner or friends, then a cooking class would make it the best night ever!! They even have family classes and classes just for kids. Take a look at their Uncorked Kitchen’s Event schedule and be sure to let me know if you book a class!

Uncorked Kitchen is an amazing venue located just south of Denver. This spot makes for an amazing date, night out with friends or family, or even a solo evening to learn some new skills in the kitchen. Read about how our cooking class went! #denver #colorado #wine #uncorkedkitchen #cooking #cookingclasses

Uncorked Kitchen hosted us for a complementary cooking class. The class was free, however, our opinion on the experience and quality was not swayed by the complementary nature of the class. We LOVED it and plan on visiting again soon.

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  1. I love this concept…a cooking venue with a wine bar, perfect! I too have always been intimidated to make pasta from scratch. It looks like your instructor made the process easy. I only see two problems: 1) I’m in Minnesota and Uncorked Kitchen is in Colorado! 2) I am now starving! I will certainly look up Uncorked Kitchen when my travels take me to Denver.

    1. I was really worried about making pasta prior to this class, but it really isn’t that hard! You gotta try it out sometime!

  2. I so wish I lived in Colorado right now!! I love cooking classes and experiences like this! I’d love to do one with my daughter too now that she’s old enough. I’ve never tried making pasta at home but man it’s moved way up my list of things to try…I need that attachment too! Lol

    1. I love kitchen gadgets, so this is an easy purchase for me! I can’t wait to try making pasta at home with my kiddo. I know she is going to love it.

  3. This sounds amazing! I would definitely have joined you on the red flight–malbecs and zinfandels are my favorite. I really like that this place has a restaurant, bar and cooking class area. It really sounds like it helps to encourage conversation and bonhomie.

  4. This truly looks like so much fun! I am a pro at homemade pasta (thanks to my Italian grandma) but I would still love to take this class. This would be super fun with a group of ladies or a date night with the hubs. Nothing is better than wine and food! Your pasta looks delicious!

  5. Oh my gosh! This evening encompasses my favorite things-wine and pasta!! I love how you gave a disclosure of your husband and his dates. This made me giggle. LOL! What a fun experience!

  6. Isn’t the process of making pasta amazing? And kind of crazy that you can get a box of it at the grocery store for less than a dollar! But homemade pasta is definitely much better. This class looks like fun. I’ve never done a cooking class, but have always heard (and read) good things about them.

    1. I was shocked at how easy it was to make! I can see why pasta has been a staple for so many countries. Easy, you pretty much always have the ingredients, and delish!

  7. This looks like a blast! There is nothing like homemade pasta, you can completely taste the difference. I imagine this would be especially fun with a group of girlfriends or your spouse. My hubby happens to love to cook so this would be a perfect date night for us! 🙂

    1. Just the opposite with us. But when we attend cooking classes, my husband is the one who pays the most attention and works the hardest.

  8. Sounds like a great place. I’ve done cooking classes before, but never at a venue with a wine bar and small plates to order. Definitely adds to the experience. Like you said, a great idea for a date night or groups. It’s something different from the norm!

  9. It looks easy but I don’t know in reality (at least for me). And the end result with bacon leeks sauce makes me want to try it. Btw, the Italian food cooking class my friends took last week was almost double the price from this one. 🙁

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