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Westin Denver International Airport

Enjoy a Pre-Flight Stay at this Beautiful Hotel

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The new Westin Denver International Airport is a beautiful hotel, conveniently attached to the airport. The hotel’s location makes it ideal for travelers stranded at the airport, or those with a very early morning flight, like us!

For our trip to Cabo, Mexico, we had an early morning flight. Meaning we all had to be up and ready to go before 4:00 AM. Which is UGH early, in my opinion!! Since we had heard really great things about the Westin at Denver International Airport, we decided to check into a pre-night stay. The rates were high, but we combined our Starwood Preferred Guest reward account with our Marriott Reward account in order to achieve a “free” night. By the way, have you linked your accounts yet?! If not, get on it!!! Here is a link. Just look in the top right corner for the “Link Account” icon.

Lobby & Check-in Process

The hotel is modernly decorated with a lobby worth lingering around in. Before check-in, we got a drink from the lobby bar to kick start our vacation. With drink in hand, we checked into our room. Check-in was a breeze! Zero issues.

Westin Denver International Airport

Hotel Room

We stayed in room 911 (I know, right?!), but despite the ominous room number, the room was beautifully decorated and amazingly quite. We had a view of the terminal and it was super fun to people watch!! My husband and I were amazed at how many people come through the Denver International Airport in just one hour!

Westin at Denver International Airport

The hotel came with a cute bottle of essential oils to help with sleep. It smelled yummy and our daughter SWEARS it made her fall asleep extra fast (hey, whatever works)! It didn’t work for me! I’m was too excited to sleep before the early morning flight.

Westin Denver International Airport

The bathroom was also well decorated with an amazing shower. Perfect pressure for a shower to wake you up in the morning – even at ungodly hours.

Westin Denver International Airport

Westin Denver International Airport

The hotel had a Starbucks kiosk, snacks, and a restaurant with a great menu for both breakfast and dinner. While the Denver International Airport does have great restaurants, they are all on the other side of security. We highly recommend eating at the hotel if you aren’t going through security (i.e. dinner at the hotel; breakfast at the airport past security).

Overall, we highly recommend staying at the Westin Denver International Airport if you are looking for a less stressed early morning flight!

If you are flying out of Denver International Airport, then look into starting your vacation early with a pre-night stay at the Westin. It will make everyone's morning flight easier! #Denver #DIA #Westin

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    1. It was a true testimony to my constant work on keeping my anxiety at a healthy level. But I am certain they have had people reject the room in the past!

  1. This sounds like a great place to stay. We’ve stayed at a lot of hotels connected to the Airport now. It’s almost a must for us when we travel now.

  2. We like to do this too. We live over an hour away from Pittsburgh’s airport so it make sense to start a day early! This gives you time to relax and get into vacation mode.
    This hotel looks beautiful. We love the Marriott chain and stay there whenever possible.
    I don’t think I would have been ok with the room number! I am super superstitious. Eek! I’m glad you had a great night stay!

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